Attendance Policy

  1. Any student missing 3 consecutive classes without notification will be assumed as dropped and will be replaced by the next student on the waiting list.  Please note that monthly fees will be due if w are not notified of the drop within 1 week.
  2. Any student wishing to hold a spot in a class until a later date will be required to pay monthly tuition in order to secure their place in that class
  3. If a student misses for any reason, you have the option to make-up that class during another class of the same age within 4 weeks of the missed class.
  4. Whenever the studio is closed due to weather conditions or any other reason, you will be notified by email, and it will be placed on the website and the studio answering machine.  In the event of cancellation, you can attend another class in your age within 4 weeks of the missed class.

Dress Code

  1. Ballet Class Dress Code:  All dancers are to wear the assigned color leotard for their ballet level.  They must also wear pink tights, and pink ballet shoes.  They may have black spandex shorts or ballet skirt.  Leotards must be either cami, tank, short sleeve, long sleeve or halter.  The must be plain and cannot contain sparkles, ruffles, bows or fancy straps across the back.  They can be shiny or dull.

    • Pre-Ballet:  Light Pink

    • Elementary 1 Ballet:  Lavender

    • Elementary 2 Ballet:  Purple

    • Elementary Advance Ballet: Coral

    • Ballet 1a: Navy Blue

    • Ballet 1b: Burgandy

    • Ballet 2: Black

    • Boys:  Boys in all classes need black ballet pants, black spandex shirt and black ballet shoes

  2. Hip-Hop Classes:  Any loose fitting pants or shorts.  No jean material or skirts without shorts permitted.  Tennis shoes and a top that will not fly over your head if you are upside-down.  Hair can be down and hats are permitted.

  3. All other classes are required to wear a dance leotard in any color, tights and proper shoes for that class.  Spandex shorts or pants may be worn and fitted shirts. 

  4. All Hair must be secured back and away from your face.  If your bangs are longer than your eye level, they must be secured back off your face.

Instructors reserve the right to ask any student to remove any clothing deemed inappropriate for class.