Congratulations to everyone who came to the Dance Team Tryouts this year.  This is the first year in awhile where everyone who came out made the team!  Everyone did wonderful.  I will list the teams below along with the score beside the people who attended either to be on a team or to be reconsidered for a different team.  Each instructor had a score sheet with 10 different things being judged.  Each item could earn a 0-5 points.  So each dancer could receive up to 50 points per instructor.  We averaged those scores together and broke them down this way 0-10 did not make the team, 10.1-20.0 Team 1, 20.1-30.0 Team 2, 30.1-40.0 Team 3 and 40.1-50 Team 4.

Team 1 - Payton Abbott (17), Aubrey Varner (14), Lily Penwell (15), Lora Remeikas

Team 2 - Carlea Hutchison, Brailyn Myers (23), Chloe Miller (28.3), Callie Woodring (20.9), Isabella Koser (29), Ana Mose (22), Annalee Cook (22.3), Kylie Arnold (26.6), Kamea Pierce (20.6), Dayna Barnes (23.3)

Team 3 - Nikki Pence, Katreena Jones, Kate Sword, Abby Shipp, Shaylee Kuykendall, Lexi Musselman, Dalaynee Cramer, JiJi Remeikas (34), Elicia Carrington

Team 4 - Riley Higgins, Evan West, Belle Musselman, Aleesha Cramer, Haley Peck (47), Haylie Reed, Jamie Petty, Sophie Cutshaw, MaShea Sixeas

The Friday Schedule Will Be as follows:

3:45-4:45 Team 1 - Miss Ana (When I Grow Up From Matilda)

4:45-5:15 Conditioning - Entire Team

5:15-6:15 Production - Entire Team (The Greatest Show!)

6:15-6:30 Dinner for Team 2, 3 and 4

6:30-7:30 Team 2- Miss Dicey (Songs from Broadway Musical "Waitress"), Team 3 - Miss Calynne (Queen Bee)

7:30-8:30 Team 3 - Miss Dicey and Calynne (I Love Rock and Roll by Joan Jett)

I will be posting all the other team information so you don't have to keep the hard copies if you don't want.  Please sign up to help with team dinners at the front desk.  Practice does begin this week!