Registration Fee

$25.00/Student     $40.00/family*

2018-2019 Monthly Tuition

Base Fees (one class):       45 minute classes      $40.00per month

                                             1 hour classes            $45.00per month

Any additional classes will be added for just $10.00 per class per month.  Example:  Three 1 hour classes would be $45.00/month for the first class plus $20.00/month for the next two classes for a total monthly cost of $65.00.

Families* enrolling more than one child do receive a discounted rate for additional children.  The second child will receive a 20 percent discount on the lowest tuition amount, the third child will receive a 30 percent discount on the lowest tuition and the 4th child (and over) will receive a 40 percent discount on the lowest tuition.

*Family discounts are to children who share one or more parent biologically (or adopted).  Due to the ever-changing family dynamics, we cannot include step siblings as a family even if they are in the same household.  In order to keep our pricing low we must be very consistent when considering this policy.


A $50.00 costume deposit is due for each class in which your child is enrolled.  The deposit is due in two monthly installments of $25.00 per class which is billed with your October and November statements.  The balance of the costumes will be due in January.  Costumes usually run between $60.00 and $75.00 each plus 6% sales tax.

Payment Policy

We accept cash, check, credit and debit card payments.  We can even sign you up for automatic monthly payments so you do not need to remember to pay your bill.  All payments are due the first class of the month with a late fee of $15.00 being applied on all unpaid balances on the 10th day of each month.  If your account remains delinquent for 60 days, your child(ren) will be removed from class until the account is paid in full.

There is a return check fee of $30.00

All Registration Fees, Monthly Tuition and Costume Deposits Are Non-Refundable