Ballet is fundamental in all types of dance and is recommended in conjunction with all dance subjects.  It is very structured and will increase the child's awareness of self-discipline, grace, flexibility and strength.  We have adopted the ballet curriculum utilized in the American Ballet Theatre in New York City. 



Lyrical is an expressional form of dance using techniques found in both jazz and ballet.  Contemporary although similar to Lyrical utilizes a more "pedestrian" style to it's movements.  Students in Elementary and low levels of dance will learn Lyrical style and advance there way into Contemporary.  All students registered in Lyrical/Contemporary must also be enrolled in a ballet class.



Modern is the more "abstract" form of dancing.  It utilizes many isolations and strength movements along with lifts and team based choreography.  Modern was the only form of dance developed in the United States in a rebellion to the techniques of ballet.  All students registered in Modern must also be enrolled in a ballet class.



Pre-Pointe - Pre-Pointe is an introductory class to ballet students who wish to advance into pointe shoes.  It is strictly a technique class where students learn the techniques required to be enrolled in pointe class and is not a class that performs in our Spring Dance Extravaganza.  Students in Pre-Pointe must have had at least two consecutive years of ballet training and be at least 11 years of age.  They must also be enrolled in a Ballet Class.

Pointe - Pointe is an extremely advanced form of ballet where a hard pointe shoee is used.  Because of foot development, each student must have had 3 consecutive years of ballet and be at least 12 years of age.  They must also be enrolled in a Ballet Class



Jazz is the most popular of all dance forms because of it's use of up-to-date music and dance styles.  While most people relate jazz to just what is seen on TV today, we teach the history of jazz in it's traditional form.



Tap is a rhythmic form of dance that utilizes cleats on the shoes to teach students how to sound out the rhythm in music through their feet.

Theatrical Acrobatics/Tumbling


Acrobatics is tumbling class that is done with padded mats on the floor.  Each class begins with and intense stretch class to warm the muscles and progresses to learning tumbling skills across the mats.  Students in this class can expect to learn tricks from backbends, cartwheels and rolls to advance tricks like walkovers, handsprings, areals and flips.



This class is taught using original techniques developed with breakdance.  Rest assured that all our hip-hop choreography and costuming is tastefully done, age appropriate and non-suggestive.

Boys Tumbling

All boys tumbling class where boys are taught tumbling skills specifically catered to the male gender.  Boys must be 6 years of age to enter boys tumbling.

Down With Dance

Down with Dance is a class specifically for children living with Down Syndrome.  While this class teaches basic dance skills in many different subjects, we also offer a wide variety of activities to help with their Occupational and Physical Developments.  There is no charge for this class as we want to be sure every child has with Down Syndrome has the opportunity to be a part of our studio.

Adult Jazz Class


Adult Jazz is designed for busy adullts and parents in mind.  This is a jazz class where where we learn the basics of jazz skills, along with stretching, and conditioning exercises.  This class only runs $10.00 per month so every adult has the opportunity to take part in this class.